Best Chef Christmas Cake

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  • Posted On : Oct 10, 2017
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  • Description : Christmas Cake Recipe by Chef Dinara Kasco Gingerbread, spiced biscuit, caramel mousse with cinnamon, cremeux apricot-orange, compote orange-dried apricot and honey, spices and Cointreau.


  • Sponge cake:

    75g caster sugar
    45g hazelnut flour
    38g flour
    90g egg whites
    15g brown sugar
    60g butter
    0,5ch.l. spice
    0.5 orange peel
    10g honey
    Melt the butter in a saucepan and bring to a brown color. Pour it into another bowl to get rid of sediment. Add honey. Whip egg whites with brown sugar. Sift all dry ingredients into the egg whites, add spices, peel and at the end add the liquid butter. Bake in frame 16 * 16cm 170 degrees for about 20-minutes.



    100g butter
    250g honey
    125g sugar
    1ch.l. nutmeg
    1ch.l. Carnations
    1ch.l. cinnamon
    1ch.l. ginger
    1 orange zest
    1 egg
    500 g flour
    2.5 g of baking powder
    0,3ch.l. salts
    Put the butter with honey and sugar in a saucepan. Heat them until dissolved.
    Add the egg and all the other ingredients. Put in the fridge for a few hours. Roll out, cut out the necessary forms, bake 180 degrees 12-15minut. For size 45 * 45cm.



    120g orange juice
    15g Cointreau
    20g raisins
    50g dried apricots
    3 star anise
    0,5ch.l. spice
    0.5 orange peel
    0.5 vanilla pod
    2g gelatin
    5g honey
    Dried apricots cut into cubes. All ingredients mix and heat and leave to infuse for 1 hour. Add the melted gelatin and pour into molds. (This amount is for 15 hemispheres 4cm diameter). Freeze.



    50g apricot puree
    50g orange juice
    15g Cointreau
    5g lemon juice
    56g egg yolks
    30g eggs
    40g sugar
    30g butter
    3 g gelatin
    Soak gelatin in the cold water. Orange, apricot puree and lemon juice bring to a boil and pour over the egg yolks with the eggs and sugar. Heat up to 84C, add the gelatine and Cointreau. Cool down to 45 degrees, add the butter and mix with a blender. Pour into molds. (This amount is for 15 hemispheres 4cm diameter). When the mousse hardens a little you need to put on the top of each a few pieces of nuts. Freeze.



    73g sugar
    50g milk
    50g cream
    5g gelatin
    50g Philadelphia
    250g cream
    10g honey
    2 cinnamon sticks
    1 vanilla pod
    Milk and cream, heat and infuse with the vanilla and cinnamon. Strain and bring to a boil. Make a dry caramel with sugar and pour the hot milk and cream, boil a little bit. Add the soaked gelatin, honey and Philadelphia cheese. Cool down to 30 degrees and add the whipped cream.



    120g white chocolate
    50g cocoa butter
    50g vegetable oil
    red dye
    Melt all and mix with a blender. Use at 50 ° C
    Nuts in caramel:
    50g walnuts
    40g caster sugar
    Put sugar and nuts in a saucepan. Melt custer sugar to the caramel. Cool and break into pieces


    Biscuit crumbs:

    Bake any porous sponge cake with red food coloring. Rub through a sieve dried biscuit
    Mousse for gluing:
    60g Philadelphia
    15g caster sugar
    5g honey
    Mix all


    Mousse put in a hemisphere with a diameter of 6 cm. Put the compote into one part and cremeux and sponge cake into second part. To connect the two hemispheres. Coat spheres with glaze and crumbs right away.

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