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#Sigali with #Laksa #broth

#Laksa #broth

Fennel 1/2
Shallot 1no
Ginger 5gm
Garlic 1no
Clove 1no
#Lemongrass 1no
Paprika powder 1 tsp
#Coconut milk 75ml
Lobster stock water 250ml
Fennel seeds 1tsp
Garam masala 1tsp
Madras curry powder 1tsp
Lime leaves 2nos
Coriander leaves 15gm
Cashewnut 10gm
Coconut cream 50ml
Salt to taste
Oil 10ml
Method:cut in to dice all ingredients put sunflower oil inthe pan sauté well add seasoning gentle and add coconut milk , coconut cream,stock water bring to boil
Strain and keep the sauce.

Baby lobster poached:
Lobster tail 2nos
Butter 10gm
Garlic 2nos
#Thyme 5gm
Salt to taste

Method:bring to boil 36c to 28min

Pickle baby red radish :
#Vinegar white 100ml
Sugar 100ml
Water 100ml
Method: cut in thin slice red radish soak inthe ingredients

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    The Best Chef Network   ·  November 29, 2018
    Hello Chef. If you post the recipes using the recipe options on the menu it will save to your account as a recipe... this way it saves as a photo.... please use menu/recipes/ "+" button and fill in the recipe...

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