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Freezing iqf

  • February 27, 2019 7:09 AM GMT

    Freezing iqf refers to Individual Quick Frozen, a single fast freezing process, which is a process in which the smallest individual of the finished fruits and vegetables is independent of each other, and also keeps the individual dispersed during freezing and packaging.

    Features of the frozen iqf single quick freezing device:
    1. High-quality IQF products, frozen products without condensation, fully comply with the standards of export food hygiene.

    2, the freezing time is short, the use of air convection, the effect is good, the freezing time is only 3 to 60 minutes.

    1. The use of two-speed motors not only expands the scope of use but also saves energy.
    2. The frozen product is subjected to wind in multiple directions, up and down, front and rear, and left and right so that the freezing is more perfect, the freezing quality is better, and the efficiency is higher.

    5, the use of imported brand-name stainless steel conveyor belt to ensure the sanitary standards of processed food.

    6, the use of variable frequency two-stage drive system, even if there is a failure of the first-level system, can not work normally, another level can continue to produce separately, to ensure that production is not delayed.

    1. The cooling fan adopts the whole aluminum tube aluminum sleeve to improve the hygiene degree and quick freezing efficiency of the food.
    2. The insulation system uses high-quality polyurethane foam sandwich double-sided stainless steel plate as the peripheral storage body. It has the characteristics of remarkable heat insulation effect and beautiful appearance.